Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Let it stop SNOWING!

If we could only see the future then we would have bought a snow blower this year.  Last year we had hardly any snow which was good for me.  I only had to shovel a couple times.  We had one storm in Nov. this year and then it pretty much melted.  I got my wish for a white Christmas when it started snowing on Christmas Eve.  Perfect huh?  But now it won't stop.  We had a huge storm a couple weeks ago where it snowed about two feet in a couple days and so the kids had a snow day.  (it's fun to have a snow day but sucks that they call you at 5:55 in the morning to inform you and you can't get back to sleep)  We had weird freezing rain last week so a two hour late start of school on Friday. (same early morning phone call)  We experienced that many times (the freezing rain) in Kansas but most people in Utah have not.  The road crews don't know how to deal with it, unlike Kansas where they just dump sand all over the roads.  Now we are back to snow, it started snowing Sunday while we were at church, it didn't snow much yesterday and then started last night and is still going.  The kids have been great about helping to shovel and we have some great neighbors that help us out with their snow blowers.  I haven't taken a lot of pictures but decided to have the kids stand by our hill by our driveway while we shoveled this morning before taking the kids off to school. (Julia and Matthew usually help as well. Julia was already at school and Matthew was inside doing homework.) Some of the kids have gone sledding a couple times at a park near our home.  But I think now they can just sled in our yard!


Kathy said...

You'll think I'm crazy but I miss snow like crazy!!
Have fun and throw a snowball or two for me!

Janis said...

That literally looks like a ton of snow! Hope you get a break soon.